Cat Spirit in My House

Cat Spirit in My House

I have a lot of visitors of another kind come and go in my house. My little dog Rosita is a great tool I have to validate the activity. She lets me know right away if she sees anything.

One day we both were in my office, and we went out into the hallway, turned right and immediately at the same time we both saw a little cat shaped spirit right there in the middle of the hallway. I knew immediately it was my beloved cat Lucy who had passed away about a year ago. I looked down at Rosita, and she saw the spirit at the exact same moment I saw her, and her eyes got huge, and she stopped in her tracks, and she was so scared that she literally did a back flip and ran the other direction. Just like that Lucy was gone. It makes me feel comforted to know that she comes to visit me and she still is around.

She has come other times too. Sometimes she comes and lays by me when I go to bed. I know it’s her, because when she was alive she used to run along on top of the baseboard heater, and then jump on my nightstand, then on to my bed. So every once in awhile I can hear her, and then I can feel her walking on my bed, and then she lays next to me.

It’s comforting to know our beloved pets come to visit us. Our love never dies. Love is eternal and they will always be with us.

Cat Spirits

If you wan to connect to a pet who has passed, put it out there into the universe and ask for them to come to you. Be open and receptive to what comes. How special is that? What a gift and a blessing.

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Love and light,
Enlightened Angels

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  1. I enjoyed reading this story about Lucy. I’ve had a couple pets (a cat & dog) pass in past couple of years. The cat is buried here in front yard near the bird bath & the dog we had cremated & is in my bedroom. I speak to them often. I will need to listen more closely for when they visit.

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