The Light Within Me Sees the Light Within You

I had a lot of errands to do today, so I started my day early. My first stop was Les Schwab. I had a slow leak in my tire. Typically when I'm out and about people are drawn to talk to me. So today I'm sitting there at Les Schwab and while I'm waiting three different people approached me to talk to me. It was nice. Eventually I thought to myself that I have been here a couple hours and my car should be done, so I go up to the counter and ask if they were done. The nice man says "We called your name an hour ago". What? Really? How could this of happened? By the way I highly recommend Les Schwab.They do great work, and their popcorn isn't bad either.


If you are a person that others are drawn to, you are like a beacon. A light house for others to see. You have a gift that was given to you to help and inspire others. You never know what someone is going through. How nice is it if you can just take a moment out of your day. I'm sure they appreciate it.

Many of you may not believe this but I used to be very shy. In fact painfully shy. I think it started from when I was very little, but over time a series of events happened which molded who I was as a person for a very long time. When I was in 1st grade a teacher told me I was stupid, and then later in my mid twenties I had a supervisor that said " You know upper management feels people who are shy are stupid". Needless to say I carried that around. Always afraid people were going to think I was stupid.

When I started doing angel card readings it literally changed my life. I finally came out of my shell. Like a butterfly. I learned with faith and hope, and the love in my heart that virtually anything was possible.

Our past doesn't define us. People's opinions don't define us. OUR OPINION is the ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS. So make it a good one. Love yourself, and most importantly be gentle to yourself. You deserve all the best.

What can you do today to help or inspire others? How can you make a difference?

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The light within me sees the light within you.

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